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FAQs Host Insurance

Host Insurance is designed to provide you peace-of-mind while your rent your home/apartment/condo/yurt/tiny home out. This product is purchased by the owner or property manager and is commonly used to offset damage to the property, so you don’t have to report a small claim to your primary insurance company. This coverage operates independently from your homeowners insurance.

Automated coverage available in all 50 States

You don't pay for the nights you don't have bookings

Syncs with your booking calendar and works with direct bookings too

Quick and efficient claims processing

Acts as a layer to preserve your primary homeowners' policy

The Host Insurance premium is $5 per night and gives you $5,000k in coverage with a deductible of $500. You don’t pay for nights that you don’t have bookings.

Yes, the deductible is $500. Any damages would have to exceed $500 for claims reimbursement.

There is no need for individual quotes. Enrollment in the program happens once and all bookings will only be billed the day the guest checks in.

3 Steps To Enroll A Property Listing:

Visit www.mypropertyprotect.com and Create Username and email to register a profile on (If you are the PM managing the property this will be your name & email).

Add the Property address and iCal URL from booking channel, e.g. Airbnb > Calendar > Calendar > Availability > Export iCal. We can use any channel: Airbnb, Booking, VRBO, etc.

Add a Payment method = credit card details.

After that, all your reservations will get downloaded to our system, they are visible from your dash and put into a queue. The day the guest checks in you will be charged for the policy and you will be issued a custom Certificate of Enrollment for their specific dates of stay. New bookings are automatically added. Cancelled bookings get automatically removed. Adjusted stays are edited accordingly…and you never pay for nights that you don't have bookings.

Repeat Step 2 of adding a property for additional listings or properties that are listed on multiple sites, e.g. Airbnb & VRBO to add the calendar for each.

The policy is a tenant legal liability policy that includes all the interior contents of the dwelling, e.g. furniture, decor, appliances, flooring, windows, etc... Hosts or property managers typically purchase our insurance to protect against guest damage and theft during short term stays.

A full copy of the policy declarations is located bottom of each web page of our website.

Our system is fully automated to sync with your booking calendar.

You can go to your Airbnb profile > Listing > Availability > Scroll to Sync Calendars > Click Export Calendar > Copy this calendar and paste in you My Property Protect dash board.

You can use the words BLOCKED, CLOSED or HOUSEKEEP in the calendar notes and the system will skip over those dates and not issue a policy.

Policies are underwritten by Lloyds of London.

We insure both room rentals and whole-home types of listings. Room rentals need to be register as their own listings as they each have a separate calendar for bookings.

No this is a damage or theft policy. This policy does not include commercial liability or structure coverage for the dwelling. For a quote on a STR Homeowners policy please click here to contact our parent agency.

This only covers damage or theft on the property premise.

The policy is a damage or theft coverage only. We do not cover liability, e.g. flood, fire, structural or bodily injury. For a commercial liability quote, please click here.

Property Managers can sign up on behalf of the owners, pending they have an agreement with the owner to handle any guest damage. We display a field during the registration process where you can add the owner's name on behalf of the property manager..

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