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Damage Policy

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SecureStay sells on-demand damage protection and theft insurance policies for short-term rental properties

Property Protect presents SecureStay, an automated, flat-fee damage deposit & theft policy with a click of a button. Insuring your short term rental is more important than ever as you cater to vacation rental guests.

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How does it work ?


Set up your account

Create an account by clicking, 'Protect My Listings' button.


Add your listings

Add your listings or sync your profile with an integration partner
Once the listings are added, you can send a referral link to your guests or add iCals in each listing for automated policies.


Relax, you're covered

That’s it! You’re done! Congrats on taking a few steps to protect your property. You and your guests will receive a policy notification upon each policy purchase.

Frame and Shapes

Predictable coverage for the unpredictable

Easy sign up process

Coverage available in all 50 US States

Owners are notified when guests purchase a policy

Owners can also purchase policy on behalf of the guests

Quick and efficient claims processing

Higher coverage limits than most security deposits

API integration for automation

What's covered

The SecureStay policy provides coverage for damage or theft insurance to the vacation home during guest stays.


SecureStay policy provides damage protection insurance for short-term rental property like Furniture, Appliances, Decor, Flooring, Windows, and other interior items. For example, broken lamps, windows and glass, electronics, damaged doors, walls, and furniture, stained bedding or linens, lost keys, and re-keying costs.


Theft protection insurance for short-term rental, there is coverage under the plan for theft which is caused by any person other than the guest and traveling companions if a police report is provided. SecureStay does not cover intentional acts and coverage would not be afforded if the guest intentionally took something from the home.


This policy also provides pet damage insurance coverage as long as having pets on the property is not considered a breach of the lease agreement. Pet damage is not covered if the pet's presence in the rental violates the rental agreement.

What's not covered

Our policies are designed to cover damage and theft. For catastrophic damage or liability please refer to your primary homeowner's policy.

Excessive cleaning

Regular cleaning fees nor excessive cleaning fees are not covered.

Smoking deodorization

Remediation of smoking or vaping smells are not covered.

Intentional acts

This policy does not cover intentional acts, e.g. gunshot windows.

Adverse weather

You should contact the carrier of your primary homeowner's insurance policy for such a situation.

Loss of income

This policy does not cover loss of income.

Policy Plans


$1,500 in coverage

tick image Coverage for upto 30 days

tick image $0 deductible

tick image Per Stay


$3,000 in coverage

tick image Coverage for upto 30 days

tick image $0 deductible

tick image Per Stay


$3,000 in coverage

tick image Coverage for upto 180 days

tick image $0 deductible

tick image Per Stay

We speak API

We realize hosting and property management styles vary which is why our products are available via open API for wider reach, connectivity and automation.
Customer partners can integrate our products in your existing website or mobile application for smooth and automated policy purchase and issuance

Automated & effective

Integration through API always considered as one of the effective options for the automation of the manual process. We believe in automation.

Easy integration

Integrating with our API is very easy than ever before. You just need to write our services team and the process will start immediately.

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Secure & reliable

We minimize the manual interation of the customers to avoid an unnecessary headache and any kind of intentional or unintentional mistakes.

Wider reach

APIs are always helpful in connectivity that helps in wider reach. We believe in shaking hands and growing community.

Our Partners

We are proudly integrated with some of the leading platforms in the market.

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Frequently asked questions

  • The policy covers up to $1,500 for any damage or theft during a guest stay. $0 deductible applies.
  • The policy covers up to $3,000 for any damage or theft during a guest stay. $0 deductible applies.

Coverage for listings in all 50 states.

Two purchase options: Property Managers can purchase policy or receive a referral link to share with guest and are notified when guest purchases policy.

Quick and efficient claims processing.

Higher coverage limits than most security deposits.

Online portal for digital claims processing.

The Security Deposit Policy program is underwritten by Northfield Insurance an A++ XV subsidiary company of Travelers Insurance. It is written on a Baillee insurance form and covers damage/theft to the home’s contents. Owners and Property Managers use this policy in case of guest damage or theft during a short term rental stay.
To get your custom link, complete the short application by clicking here.

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